Competition Rules:

  1. COMPETITORS – These competitions are open to all comers.
  2. AGE LIMIT – To be taken as at 1 October 2019. Satisfactory proof of age must be produced if required by the Committee.
  3. ENTRIESEarly bird entries must be in by 4 August 2019. After this date an additional $50.00 will be payable with your entry. All entries must be lodged by 5pm on or before 25 August 2019. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry. Only one entry from each competitor is allowed in each class.
  4. SONG TITLES – Titles of all items must be inserted on the entry form. No change of item will be permitted after late closing date. In all classes, competitors may not render any piece with which they have previously won at these competitions, and must not give the same item in more than one class. JUDGES’ COPIES of items must have competitor’s name, the class number clearly printed on the top right-hand corner of the front cover. These must be handed to the appropriate Convenor before the class commences, and be collected on the completion of the class.
  5. JUDGES – No competitor who has been regularly taught by the Judge during one year preceding the competitions will be allowed to compete. Communications with the Judge, either by competitors, teachers, or any other interested parties prior to, or during the competitions is prohibited. A judge reserves the right to communicate if appropriate. Additional adjudicators may be appointed as required to accommodate entrants levels.
  6. SUBSTITUTE JUDGE – The Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute Judge for an announced Judge when necessary.
  7. ORDER OF PERFORMANCE – Competitors compete in the order in which they appear in the programme. Any change must be with the permission of the appropriate Convenor.
  8. PRIZE MONEY – All donated prize money as listed in the Syllabus Programme for the current year will be awarded. Where there is a minimum of three entries, the Judge reserves the right to award prize money appropriately.
  9. ACCOMPANISTS – These will be listed on the website ( as they become available.
  10. PROTESTSCompetitors desiring to enter a protest must lodge the same in writing with the Protest Committee, together with the grounds on which it is based, and a sum of $20. Should the protest, on investigation by the Protest Committee, be deemed frivolous or unfounded, the deposit shall be forfeited. No protest will be entertained unless it is made within 12 hours after the Judge’s award is announced in the particular item. The decision of the Protest Committee shall be nal.
  11. STAGE – No person, other than the officials, will be permitted backstage, or at the side of the stage. No prompting, or assistance of any kind may be rendered during the performance except by the Judge, or his/her appointee.
  12. AGGREGATE MARKS – In all sections, awards will be decided on the Judge’s highest aggregate marks. Note: To qualify for an award, a competitor must compete in all the classes specified.
  13. ENGRAVING – This is the responsibility of the award winner, who should make certain that it conforms to the size of that of the previous winners, and that the year of winning the award be named.
  14. RETURN OF TROPHIES – All trophies awarded at the 2018 competition must be returned to: The Event Co-ordinator, P O Box 1194, Rotorua 3040, no later than 5 September 2019. To avoid the cost of packaging and postage, alternative arrangements may be made by contacting the Event Co-ordinator. All trophies should be returned in good condition. (Due to trophy coating, polishing is NOT required.)
  15. GENERAL RESERVATION – The Executive Committee reserves the right of determining the status of all competitors, and of applying and interpreting all of the rules. The decision of the Committee is nal.
  16. THE COMMITTEE – Reserves the right to cancel a class where there is less than a minimum requirement of three entries.


Please consider entering online for this years NZ Aria competition. follow these simple directions